Saturday, January 28, 2017

Day 27: Wave Study #98?

 Wave Study #98?, oil on canvas, 6"x8", © R.L. Delight

Whoops! I forgot to post to my blog yesterday. I am feeling a bit better today, at least the fever seems to be gone. The sun was out yesterday and it felt warm in the sunshine. I decided to go sit on the beach and sketch a wave study. I knew I didn't have the stamina for painting on the beach but at least I could sketch. I brought my sketch back home and made a painting from my notes. I use Strathmore's toned gray sketch pads and water-soluble graphite when I go wave sketching. Most of the time I also use white gouache for the breaker part of the wave. That gives me the structure and architecture of what is happening out in the waves. I also jotted down color notes. I don't usually do that but I knew I would be painting from the sketch so I made sure I had enough information to do that.

The waves were chaotic, which are my favorite waves to paint. They can be quite challenging. This time I noticed there would be a pop of this deep green color every once in a while. I was intrigued by it so put it into my sketch. The spot of deep green on the wave was a section that was concave for whatever reason (hidden rock, sand hole?). The angle of the sun hitting the part of the wave surrounding the concavity meant the area was not getting any light. It was interesting to watch. I don't think I quite captured it like I was seeing it but it is very hard for me to focus while under the influence of fever. I will watch for it in the future when I am feeling better.

Finally, I am experimenting with a new paint medium and technique. Trying for transparent effects. I used it in the sky and would like to try it in the waves themselves as well. When trying a new technique there is always this awkward messy period. Not something I would usually do publicly but I didn't want to wait for the challenge to be over. Almost there, four more days!


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