Monday, January 9, 2017

Day 9: Elements # 9: Wood, Glass, Stone

Elements #9: Wood, Glass, Stone, 5"x7", oil on gessobord, @ 2017 R.L. Delight

We woke to big fluffy snowflakes thudding to the ground this morning followed by hail and then torrential rain. I decided another day in the studio sounded just fine after all!

I have been reading A History of American Tonalism: 1880-1920,  by David A. Cleveland. It is a huge and heavy tome of a book. I periodically check it out from our local library. I have to use a lap table to hold it while I read and I have yet to make it through before having to return it. I always learn something new though. My favorite tonalists are the Harrison brothers, Alexander and Birge. I particularly like Birge Harrison's work.

Today I was inspired by a painting by Emil Carlsen. I decided to try out a few ideas and techniques on this little still life painting. I didn't quite hit what I was after but I like the direction it is taking me. I will keep working at it.

I will admit I have a reason for spending the time indoors working on the Elements line of still life paintings. They contain elements of the objects I like to paint plein air. The glass is standing in for the water. I am finding that I am learning a lot by being able to slow down and really study both the objects and techniques. I am looking forward to applying what I am learning out in the field.

What paintings inspire you?


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