Sunday, January 29, 2017

Day 29: Stone Elephant

"Stone Elephant", 7"x5", oil on panel, © 2017 R.L. Delight

Second post of the day but I didn't want to forget again! I am feeling much better but I do tire easy. I can see from my photo that I need to go back and tweak some edges. I will do that later. I have had this little stone elephant for 30 years or so and it is a favorite of mine. There are no politics implied or intended in any way in this painting. Given the state of our country, I felt the need to state that.

I can see the light at the end of the challenge tunnel! I am committed to painting through the 31st so there are two more paintings for me. I am looking forward to getting back to some deeper studies, being able to take my time on a painting, starting a rather ambitious painting project, to be announced in a future post, giving my house a thorough cleaning, and getting started on putting in a garden. Spring is around the corner!

I will keep this post short since it is the second post of the day.


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