Thursday, January 19, 2017

Day 19: Elements #19: Polished Granite, Shell

Elements #19: Polished Granite, Shell, 5"x7", oil on panel, © 2017  R.L. Delight

Painting this brought surprising insights today. This was a simpler painting but it wasn't an easy painting for me to do. I struggled with it and felt I didn't quite hit the mark I was aiming for. This one, more than any other so far this month, really tempted me to wipe it off. Fortunately, I know better than to do that. Even so, I reluctantly posted it on my Facebook page.

Sometimes I can be humbled by my own work. Not because I think it is a particularly fine piece, but that it touches someone else in an unexpected way. Isn't that what it is all about on some level? A person takes time to comment on how much they like a piece. That brings up the emotions in me of gratitude, awe, wonder, and the feeling of "humbleness". I know I am groping here, trying to express something that is deeply personal and hard to articulate, but I feel that this painting has given me an insight and that is a significant step along my journey of being an artist. 

Even though I was personally disappointed that I didn't achieve what I was attempting to accomplish in this little painting, I did try my best in the time I had been given. I did paint it with great interest and joy in the process as well as the subject and I did learn. Perhaps that gets into even the most frustrating of paintings. I don't really know but I do know that something has been changed for me. I will have to think about it...


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